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Example Survey

RICS Home Survey – Level 2 (Homebuyer Report) A mid-range report suitable for a broad range of properties

MaintenanceBod MaintenanceBod 06 Feb 2022

Example of a community forum post

RICS Home Survey - Level 3 (Building Survey Report)A more in-depth report suitable for all properties but

MaintenanceBod MaintenanceBod 05 Feb 2022

Range of Services Gets Wider!

Joseph Batty BSc(Hons) AssocRICS MRPSAI graduated with a Building Surveying degree from Sheffield Hallam University in 2004

MaintenanceBod MaintenanceBod 05 Feb 2022

Level 2 & 3 RICS Surveys

Once you've had an offer accepted, looking at building surveys for your potential new home should be

MaintenanceBod MaintenanceBod 05 Feb 2022
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