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Joseph Batty BSc(Hons) AssocRICS MRPSA

I am happy to communicate with you prior to the survey taking place to discuss your requirements or concerns regarding the property or to help decide which report will be appropriate for you. I will also give you a call on the day the survey has been completed to give a brief run down of my findings if this is something that you require.

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Area Served

We carry out surveys in Lancashire and the surrounding areas.


Professional, independent RICS Home Surveys

RICS Level 2 (Home Buyers) Surveys

  • RICS Level 2
  • Mid-range report
  • Properties built after 1900
  • Standard properties in reasonable condition
  • Colour coded condition ratings
  • Description of defects
  • RICS Level 3 (Building Survey)

  • RICS Level 3
  • More detailed report
  • Older or more complex properties
  • Properties that have had significant alterations
  • Detailed description of defects
  • Advice on future issues/maintenance
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